iHRIS Foundation

The global iHRIS community is comprised of a diverse collection of organizations, ministries, developers and eHealth leaders. Although iHRIS was launched by IntraHealth International, which has continued to decide on the direction of iHRIS, we want to ensure a proper platform exists for the voices of the global iHRIS community can be heard — and to set the future direction for iHRIS resources and tools.

This is why IntraHealth is launching the iHRIS Foundation to manage the continuing growth of iHRIS while ensuring that community needs are met. The iHRIS Foundation will support the vibrant global community using the iHRIS family of open-source software.

The iHRIS Foundation will be managed by the iHRIS Foundation Secretariat, which is looking for members.

iHRIS is free and open source software for managing health workforce information. This information helps countries address health workforce shortages and solve other challenges across the health sector.

This human resource information system (HRIS) software includes the following components:

Health Workforce Management Health Information Systems Interoperability Health Workforce Planning
iHRIS Manage iHRIS Health Worker Registry iHRIS Plan
iHRIS Qualify mHero iHRIS Retain
HRIS Grad Tracker OpenInfoMan
iHRIS Community Health Worker Registry emNutt
iHRIS Train

iHRIS Foundation adheres to the Principles for Digital Development while engaging in the following community activities:


Community Support Software Engineering Implementation Resources
iHRIS Blog Core iHRIS Software Development Managing Resource Toolkits:

mHero News and Stories Ensuring compliance with OpenHIE Standards Developing tools and guidance for iHRIS Implementers
    Google Group
    Slack Channel
iHRIS global community help desk
Managing a Consultant Marketplace


We welcome individuals and organizations to collaborate with us on the development of the mission of the iHRIS Foundation by joining its Secretariat.

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